Aviston Sports Boosters

President: Adam Buehne

Secretary: Ashley Timmermann

Treasurer: Megan Mayberry

Athletic Director: Tammy Kuper

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Aviston Athletics

Our Mission

The mission of the Aviston Elementary Booster Club is to financially support the sports activities. These activities currently include baseball, softball, cross country, basketball, cheerleading, bowling, volleyball, and track/field, and golf. Membership is open to all parents of students at Aviston Elementary. A membership roster may be developed.

A Booster Club Advisory Committee will be used to make financial decisions and purchases between meetings. The committee will be composed of the president, treasurer, secretary, athletic director, superintendent, and principal. This group will only meet when necessary to determine purchases needed between meetings. These meetings may be held in person or via phone or email. The athletic director will initiate these meetings.

Expenditures made by the Booster Club shall focus on equipment necessary for competing at a high level; uniform updates, gymnasium banner updates, facility upgrades involving these activities, and safety equipment.

New items of purchase must be approved with a majority vote at a membership meeting or be approved by the Advisory Committee. Purchases under $150 must be approved by the athletic director and superintendent. Purchases at $150 or higher must be approved by the Booster Club membership at a meeting or by the Booster Club Advisory Committee. A majority vote is needed for purchases at or above $150.

General membership meetings are generally held during the 1st and 3rd quarters of the school year.