Aviston Band and Choir Organization

Mrs. Heather Netemeyer, Music Director

Music is worth knowing. It is a field of study with its own body of knowledge, skills, and ways of thinking. Music provides opportunities for creativity and self-expression, helps us to understand the nature of humanity, enables us to become sensitive and perceptive listeners, cultivates a unique symbol system, assists with critical thinking skills, and enhances the quality of one’s life through aesthetic experience. Music communicates emotion, transmits an understanding of our cultural heritage and reflects the values of society. Music connects with all people on a deeply personal level.  The ability to create, perform, and listen to music with appreciation and understanding is desirable, even necessary, for every member of society. 

Our goal is to provide students with the opportunity for experiences which fully develop the ability to effectively express themselves through music. We believe that all students should be given the opportunity to develop their musical potential to the fullest degree possible through a sequentially-coordinated music curriculum, while meeting Illinois State Standards and National Core Arts Standards, as well as AGS learning outcomes. 

Band Director Mrs. Netemeyer